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If you have any questions about AN121, please click on the link below to take you to your own "Write E-Mail" area.


The owners, John Copping and Chris Wall look forward to hearing from you.

We are starting to receive a number of e-mails which request information regarding vehicles other than AN121, which we cannot (usually) answer.  This is NOT a complaint from us - we are very pleased that so many of you are visiting this Web Site!

In view of the requests which we cannot answer, we have added a "Bulletin Board" to our Web Site, where such questions can be shared with a much wider audience (once permission has been sought from the author).  It is hoped that this method will result in answers being found much quicker than at present.

If you would like to add a message or ask a question, please indicate whether you want your e-mail address displayed (for direct responses) or whether you would like responses to be directed to, so that we can forward the response to you, safeguarding your e-mail address!

People responding to questions should also advise if they would like their response posted and whether or not this should include their e-mail address!

We will NOT be charging for this service!